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Dear Prospective Coach,


Thank you for your interest in coaching for St. Joseph Rocket Football.  Our vision is simple.  We want kids to play and love the game of football. We believe in the power of youth football to instill life long values.  We believe the game of football develops character, fosters teamwork and teaches sportsmanship better than any other sport. 

Our focus and priority is on learning the game, playing the game safely and loving the game.  YES, we want to WIN, but not at the cost of our integrity as a program.  We want to be competitive so that kids have fun and want to come back each season of rocket football and beyond.

It has been said that it is better to have no youth football program in your community than a bad one.  Youth football must be a positive experience.  It all starts with the coaches.  Our coaches need to do a great job of building relationships, teaching fundamentals and a love for the game while keeping youth football in the proper perspective. 

We are looking for reliable coaches that are good managers and know how to motivate kids and are interested in their development.  You are welcome to bring your own style, experience, skills and abilities.  However, the culture we are creating through our vision and philosophy dictates everything we can do together and needs to be part of your coaching efforts.  If you can agree to the coaching contract provided, then we thank you for considering this rewarding opportunity to be a part of the St Joe Rocket Football coaching staff.


NLBSA / St. Joe Rocket Football Board