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Coaching Expectations/Requirements


The primary goal of a head and assistant coach is to provide a safe, positive and fun learning environment so that the players develop a passion for the game of football and return to play the following season.  Simply put, we want kids to play and love the game of football.


1. Consider Safety a top priority. We want to ensure a better, safer experience for our players.

We will be participating in Heads Up Football, USA Football's player safety program. Head coaches and the main assistant on each team will be required to complete the Level 1 Coaching Certification Course. This comprehensive course includes the CDC concussion recognition and response protocols, proper helmet and shoulder pad fitting, heat and hydration information, sudden cardiac arrest instruction (the number 1 cause of death in children and teens taking part in athletics) and fundamental drills reinforcing Heads Up tackling and blocking mechanics.


The Concussion Protocol action plan must be followed in the event of a suspected concussion.

  1. Remove the athlete from play for the remainder of the game or practice.
  2. Evaluate based on the CDC head injury fact sheet.
  3. Communicate with the athlete’s parents or guardians about the possible concussion and give them the fact sheet on concussion.
  4. Ensure that the athlete is evaluated by a health care professional. An athlete can only return to play or practice with a Medical Clearance Return to Play form signed by a health care professional.


All head and main assistant coaches will agree to a background check every 2 years.  You will receive an email to submit your information.


2. Coach player development with an emphasis on fundamentals. Set players up for success

     in their future football career by laying a solid foundation.

3. Run organized practices with direction and purpose.

4. Meetings are mandatory. Attend all meetings as requested by the leadership of SJRF.

5. All coaches are required to assist with equipment distribution and return during their team’s

    scheduled time.

6. Good Communication is key!  Coaches are expected to communicate positively with

    parents. This includes holding a Parent Meeting.

7. Plan and execute player rotation during games ensuring that all players receive more than

    the minimum required play time. Use a play time tracker for accountability.

8. Organize a season end celebration.  When success is celebrated, it is repeated.