SJRF Fundraising

We are so appreciative of all of our players and families that participate every year in our SJRF fundraisers.

The Cookie and Popcorn fundraiser is our biggest fundraiser of the year and helps us to provide the best experience possible for our players.

This includes:

  • Safety equipment
  • Personalized jerseys
  • Field access and maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Game day Officials
  • Coach Certifications
  • Player equipment

Fundraiser Information

How to help...

You can help your player reach out to friends and family to collect orders for cookies and popcorn.


This will start in the summer. The forms will typically be handed out at the Parent meetings that take place with the Flag and Tackle Directors - So please attend those meetings.

Forms should be completed and turned in at the Jamboree. (including audited funds in envelope)


You will have a paper form that you can use to collect the information and orders.

You will collect the payment at the time of the order.

Delivery will typically be 6-8 weeks after the forms are turned in. You will be responsible for delivering orders to the individuals that ordered.

Additional Forms

When available they will be located below:



Volunteer Opportunities

We always need a lot of volunteers with this fundraiser.

The main opportunities are:

  • Handing out fundraising sheets at parent meetings. (and to those who were not in attendance)
  • Collecting fundraising forms and payment envelopes at the Jamboree. (we have a pretty good system in place for this, so it is very easy if you work in shifts)
  • Auditing cash envelopes after everything is collected. (usually done in a small group)
  • Sorting Popcorn and Cookies on pick up day. Also, helping to audit orders and help players find their orders when they come to pick them up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt out of fundraising?

Yes. If you would like to opt out of fundraising there is an opt out option. We know that some people prefer not to do it or do not have the time available. When you register you are able to opt out of fundraising and pay an opt out fee at registration.

Can I pick up my items on a different day?

All items will need to be picked up on the one scheduled delivery day. Since the cookie dough needs to be frozen / refrigerated it is necessary to have it picked up that day.

If I have two players on different teams can I combine their orders?

Yes. You may. however, the totals for the end of the fundraiser are added up by team and our teams & Coaches get prizes so it may be worth splitting the funds and writing a check for each player/team if you would like it counted evenly.

Can I just write a check for the total of my order?

Yes Please! We love it when people do this as long as it balances :) If you would like to double check the orders you are able to just write a check payable to : SJRF and we can accept that instead of having to carry cash.

Do you need my original form?

Yes. The original form is what we will use to enter the orders to the vendor. They will reference these for the final order amounts. You will receive them back with your items when you pick up your orders.

2023 SJRF Fundraiser

2023 SJRF Fundraiser.

This is our largest fundraising endeavor of the year and helps us supply the much needed safety equipment for our players. 

It has kept our field and player costs to a minimum and allows us to continue to offer our players personalized jerseys that they are able to keep each season. 

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